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Would you trade Cohen and Fitz for AJ Green?

RBS: Bell, Hunt, Ty Mont., Cohen
WRS: Dez, Fitz, Ted Ginn, Decker, Galladay


Absolutely. In fact I just traded Demarco Murry and Jarvis landry for him :-/


I guess I am just having a hard time bc Fitz is rank higher week to week stat wise and I start both of them…UGH


Bell, Hunt, and Ty are ALL RB1’s. Sure it’s great to have Cohen for depth, but Green is one of the few elite difference makers. With the new OC in Cincinnati, I’m all in on Green.

Dez & Fitz are good starters, but neither are the caliber of Green right now. Assuming your league is standard, you start Bell and Hunt, flex TY, and then Start Dez and Green. Ginn, Decker, and Galladay are not weekly startable material, but you can hold some as a spot start for bye weeks, and play the waiver wire.

Play the wire and you’ll find useable depth to spot start in the flex. Green is a absolute upgrade for you, IMO


THanks for the thoughtful response. I did look at is a depth and to answer your question it is a half point ppr. I agree with the waiver play. I agree Green is an ELITE player. Well Thanks for the advice again. I am leaning toward going the deal.