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AJ Green Trade*


Hey guys. I am needing help at the WR spot. Someone that I can plug in and not worry about. I know that AJ Green hasn’t had a “great” year yet but I think he will come to form before to much longer. I am thinking about offering up Pryor and McCaffrey for Green or Pryor and Jordan Howard for Green. Would that be a good trade? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


who are your other rbs


Currently I have Montgomery, McCaffrey, Perine, and Howard


I’d say go for the pryor + howard trade, especially if its ppr


Will do. It is PPR. If they decline the Howard trade would you still go through with the McCaffrey trade?


I’d say no, just because I think mccaffery is so valuable in ppr, and for me that would be buying a bit higher than greens current value. Pryor is in a new team, might take him some time to get going


Ok…Thanks for the advice


no problem, cheers