AJ Owners Unite!

Hello to my fellow fantasy footballers.

so those of us with AJ are going to have to do without for longer than we thought.
who is on your waiver wire you may go after as a fill in?

i know we’ll all be slightly differnt but will probably have a common trend regardless.


I’d probably be targeting Ross or MVS. I have M Thomas, Evans, and Kupp though which helps out my depth tremendously.

Both are still on mine and that was my exact thought too.
hopefully we know if ross will play by tomorrow.
I got jack at WR (funch, woods, sutton) outside of AJ, so i need a big pickup

MVS. Just guessing your waiver availability.

he is there. So is Tra’quan smith. would you see him as a better pickup?

I already had the win before last nights game so I dropped the Dallas D and added Ross to my roster.

I’m trying to trade for MVS. If I can’t get him, I’m probably going after Ross, Smith or maybe Humphries.

Only thing about Humphries is i figure he’s a flash in the pan.
he struggled even with Magic at start of season.
I’ve IR’d AJ, and am now ranking the pickup order.
MVS has certainly seemed to grab the WR3 spot on Green Bay. Smith has been decent. And Ross is a big ?, but definetely the AJ stand-in

Yeah, I’m not thrilled about Humphries…I’d be chasing points with him.

With Allison out, MVS is the WR2 in Green Bay. Cobb hasn’t been consistent at all this year and I think if Allison were healthy, Cobb would probably be pushed to the sideline. If he’s available in waivers, I’d grab him.

Welp! I got Tra’Quan Smith on waivers…and then the Saints signed Dez. Cool.

Dang that sucks

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Who did you end up with? I’m trying to work a deal for Edelman/Kerryon for Ingram/Lockett

I got MVS. pretty stoked about it, especially with the news about allison yesterday.

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Man I wish I was in a league with MVS still on waivers. Green was the only trustworthy WR I had on my roster and no one in my league wants to trade. Have so many good RB’s but no one at receiver outside of Green.

Funchess - Tyrell Wiliiams - Harris - Humphries - Dez - Coutee (Pray for me at WR)

Thats Maurice Harris? He should close strong.
But yeah the rest are big play guys, always tough to start

I’m playing Tyrell Williams this week as a fill in. Think he’s a pretty sneaky good play going up vs Raiders. Carr is surprisingly competent when playing at home and usually puts up a decent amount of points and raiders D is very weak to the deep pass. Good chance Williams nabs a 50+ yard TD.

I did the same with Tyrell for the same reason. I could see him scoring on the first play.

Thought this was the Aaron Jones celebration thread, sorry.
… backs away quietly…

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Anyone in the CIN area hear any more chatter about what the injury is and likely timeline?

I know sports radio in Chicago sometimes has beat writers on as guests that have some observations not known to the national media

Until then… Tre’Quan smith and DJ Moore need to step up for me

I wouldn’t try and guess stuff like injuries. To be frank, none of these guys know and its all just guess work. Just have to wait for team to come out and say it themselves.