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AJ Owners Unite!


So I got an offer today: AJ/Ingram for Russell Wilson and Alshon Jeffrey. My QB’s are Mitch and Stafford. I have Saquon and Howard (it’s a 1RB league so I can run one in the Flex). Alshon will be my second WR with Keenan Allen being the other one. I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth doing that trade. If AJ is back in 2 games, it could suck. If he’s not, I probably win.



So AJ/Ingram are the incoming players?


Sorry, just saw this. AJ and Ingram would have been out-going but things didn’t work out for that deal. What did work out is a guy who’s out of contention and playing for next year took the following trade:

He gets: Mitchell Trubisky and Tyler Lockett
I get: Tyreek Hill and Philip Rivers

And Tyreek is still at a borderline keeper value for next year ($20 of a $100 budget to keep him).