Ajaji or Shepherd Flex

Standard league trying to pick one to start at Flex play

If Manning were at QB I would roll Shepard, but I don’t trust Geno at all. I would probably go with Ajayi. I have Shepard too and will be sitting him this week. It sucks because I thought he would be a weekly starter ROS with all the Giant WR injuries. I could be wrong, but I see Geno targeting Engram more and Shepard less compared to Manning.

Thanks man I totally agree. I’m hoping for that one big run from ajaji

Man i don’t like Ajayi at all this week, especially against a Seattle defense in a big game. Geno isn’t trash and he has to throw to someone so i would go with Shepard. However if you have other options i think it would be best i don’t love either.

I’d say Ajayi. Seattle’s defense isn’t what it once was especially missing key components. They are banged up and it’s showing.