Ajayi as RB2, package trade for Top 12 RB

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So Ive got Melvin Gordon, Ajayi, Kerryon Johnson, Royce Freeman, and Bilal Powel as a fluid piece at RB. Have Hopkins, TY Hilton, Allen Robinson, Chris Hogan, and Sammy Watkins at receiver. Given a 0.5 PPR, do you all think im all set and should just wait to see who breaks out for my flex or is it worth package trading Ajayi and a high upside WR(which i have depth at) for a guaranteed RB1 for my RB2 spot behind Melvin?

Thanks all and happy to be part of the footclan!

In my personal experience it’s very difficult to make a trade happen between the draft and week 1 without getting counteroffers trying to fleece you; especially for RB1s. I think you’re set, you should easily have 5 starters there

I’d stick with what you have. I think people are undervaluing Ajayi right now anyways so you probably wouldn’t be able to get a good deal. You have great depth at both and Kerryon and Royce are both great options that could blow up anyways.

Thanks for the advice guys. I guess I was assuming that a hypothetical trade would happen after the first few weeks. I think Ajayi stock will go up over the first couple weeks like you said and I have depth. I think I actually have too much depth, hence the question of moving for another top top end RB while still retaining most of the depth.