Ajayi/Clement, dynasty question

With it being a contract year for Ajayi, I’ve seen people saying the eagles may not bring him back next season. Given his current age and injury history, I could see that as a possibility. If he doesn’t get brought back, what are the chances that Clement moves into his role and gets more carries, and is he worth trading up for?

I don’t think Clement has the build to be a workhorse back. But I do think he could be come a poor mans Kamara for sure. Efficient, trusted in the red zone, and soft hands. Worthy of 12 carries and 8 targets per game for sure.

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I like @hertel3k and his take on this. I am certainly intrigued with Clement’s potential moving forward. And potentially this year as well. If you can move up to get him without giving up much, I would consider it. But I would not put my current team in jeopardy to make it happen.