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Ajayi, Cohen for Freeman?


I’m looking to trade away Jay Ajayi and Tarik Cohen to acquire DeVonte Freeman. Is it worth it to make this trade? My current RB situation is Montgomery, Ajayi, CJ Anderson, Jacquizz Rodgers, Doug Martin, Cohen. I’m in a standard scoring league with two RB spots and two flex spots.


Are you just wanting to solidify two good players for a great one? I’m a Freeman owner with great depth, so I wouldn’t take this trade. Does he have good depth? And how would your flex spots look after doing a 2 for 1?


I think that Freeman is a difference maker and TD machine week to week. I have Ajayi in my league as well which I’m looking for trades with him as well. Overall you have the handcuff package in TB and Monty in GB I would look to acquire or pick up Jamal Williams to handcuff GB’s backfield if you do this trade.


His depth is Demarco Murray, Burkhead, Bernard, Carson and Freeman. My flex would be fine having Doug Martin and CJ Anderson


I think he might do it. You’re giving him two startable guys for a stud. I like it.


No, he wants to do it but I’m worried I’m giving up a potential stud in Cohen and I’m giving him too much value. I’m wondering if I should try to pry Burkhead off him or something?


I mean you could. I don’t know what value Burkhead gives you.