Ajayi - Dynasty Value?

Hey footclan! I have Ajayi on my dynasty team, and I’m not sure how I feel about him being my RB1. My other two starting RBs are McCaffrey and Chris Thompson.

In a half PPR, would you keep or trade Ajayi?

Interesting factor: I own the 1.08 in the rookie draft this year. The Hyde owner wants a first rounder for him. Should I make an offer? Or offer Ajayi for Hyde?

You keep ajayi as your rb2, and trade Chris Thompson and a pick to upgrade to a fringe rb1 rb2 guy. Maybe offer enough for a true rb1. I like mccaffery as your third in a world where you make that happen. If you can’t yeah maybe trade him and a pick for someone. And don’t trade him for Hyde, that’s a pretty lateral move for me. I can be wrong but I see them in the same spot end of next year.

Would you trade away the 1.08 rookie pick for Hyde? Instead of giving up anyone, Hyde and Ajayi would be my RB1/2… And McCaffrey my RB3.

Or second option:

The Landry owner has made him available. I could offer him AJ Green, Ajayi for D Freeman, Landry?

Do that second option for sure

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@ty_nagy @BusterD

Third option:

Ajayi, Green for his Davante Adams, Ingram?

I like that you have a ton of plans and ideas to work with. I really do like option 2. Green ain’t getting any younger. So out of the new ideas you have had, option 2. Everything else sounds good too, but I think you get the most baby for your buck, and it’s something I could see being agreed to.

I’d agree. If I had to pick, I’d say second and then third option. Adams should crush it this year.

@ty_nagy @BusterD thanks guys! Option 3 fell through. So at this point I’m banking on some kind of a Landry swap. I just know I need an upgrade at RB with Ajayi, McCaffrey and Thompson as my starters. As far as WRs go, I should be fine with Hopkins, Green and Funchess for now.

yeah the good news is that you have a solid core. and mccaffery could turn into the new woodhead, only healthy and not old. if you get woodhead production out of him i think you have a very solid core to work with. hopkins green is nasty, and funchess is still very interesting. i will say, one mistake some people make is making moves just to make moves. i dont make moves that dont really do anything for me. its a mentality thing. if you are in that mindset of, oh man i gotta make a move, its not far from panic. especially if you keep trying to make something happen and getting denied. so one little thing to add is, dont push it just because you want to upgrade. if it doesnt happen, then so be it. you still have plenty of time before season start and you still have rookie draft picks that my bring you a gem. you have time on your hands my friend. use it wisely. :slight_smile:

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Some great advice right there. Thanks @BusterD. I’ll see where the Landry trade takes me. If it doesn’t work, I’ll target RBs in this year’s rookie draft. :slight_smile:


not a problem! its what fantastic communities like this are made for. BTW if you want to see what panic looks like in trade time, check out this post i made about a league i am in.

this is what panic looks like.
Weird trade opinion


Yeah, that guy is insane! I’m up for trades, but I recognize a solid team if I have one. If I had DJ, Bell and Zeke, I’d be content and stay the course.

@marvin_e I’d do that Landry and Freeman swap. I’m not high on Ajayi.

@BusterD I wrote on that weird trade opinion post… ever find out outcome? I think I had some Qs on it too. Weird for sure.

Oh yeah I forgot to respond to that. I’ll look when I get home.

I’ll be in the minority here, but I don’t think Ajayi has a ton of value (that knee is scary), so I’d certainly be looking to move him. Him and Green for Landry and Freeman sounds good to me.

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@DFWB @BusterD @Benny5 @ty_nagy

Thanks guys for the opinion. I’m still angling for that Landry trade. Having Landry and Hopkins would be a solid core for my team.

However, the Hyde owner (mentioned above) is still pushing to acquire my 1.08 rookie pick. I’ve received mixed thoughts on this. Some say the 1.08 is valuable, while others say you won’t find an established player like Hyde at 1.08. What do you guys think? I could use the help at RB, but I’m not sure Hyde is the answer.

He only wants to dump Hyde because he’s unsure of what his role will be next year. Same reason people were trying to move Landry before his tag. Basically it’s up in the air but knowing his talent, he could be worth the risk. 1.08 could be Nick Chubb, DJ Moore, Anthony Miller, maybe even Kirk, Sutton or Jones. So it’s all about how you value this class and if you think Hyde’s uncertain future is worth the risk or not.

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Right. There’s definitely no rush. I could probably wait until after free agency to Accept this trade, or even after the NFL draft. This is my first dynasty rookie draft, so my assumption is that if Chubb or Sutton go to a great situation, they’d be picked before my 1.08. but who knows? If they all go to an ideal situation, the 1.08 would be more valuable than Hyde. I’m just not sure there are 8 teams out there angling for a WR1 or RB1. Chances are these rookies go to a committee and have to beat out whoever is already on the team!

@marvin_e I’d see if he would give you Hyde and a younger upside back or receiver for the 1.8

Hyde might be headed to replace Gore once again in Indy and still holds value. The other option would be pickup Hyde and later picks and go with Ronald Jones, Rashaad Penny, Kerryon Johnson, or Kalen Ballage… plenty of RB options this year, the other owner clearly sounds like he’s got a specific target he thinks will be available at 1.8 … this is assuming the owner isn’t a Pick Hoarder and is willing to give up later rounds and a player to move up. Some leagues have owners who will only trade for picks and won’t give any up

I don’t think Ronald Jones makes it to 1.08 honestly. I’ve watched a ton of film on all the top running backs and Jones looks like the second best one