Ajayi for Carson

So I was just offered J. Ajayi for C. Carson straight up… I take that in a heart beat right or did Ajayi get hurt and i dont know it yet??? Am I over thinking this?

if your getting Ajayi take it and run

I will be thanks thats what i thought… Funny thing is i tried a trade for him last week. I offered more then and it was rejected

He’s been hurt since before he came into the league (his knee is bone on bone). It’s the reason he fell in the draft. I don’t think it’s been a huge issue yet, but the concern is that it could just be a time bomb, so he carries a good deal of risk, even for an RB.

he had a bad game so maybe his owner now doesn’t believe in him but Ajayi will be a solid RB, but what are your other RBs you have

I understand that… i was just shocked at the fact that I only have to give up C. Carson.

D murray, Crowell, Cohen, J Stew

do it with out a doubt do it