Ajayi for Davante Adams?

Would you guys sell high on ajayi now if you were getting davante adams back? My other rbs are dj, hunt, collins, jamaal williams, coleman, and kerryon. My current wrs are hopkins, thielen, diggs, and amari cooper. Its an 8 team standard scoring league but we use two flex spots.

Ajayi had a huge week even without being on the field a lot but reports are saying now that he’s gonna get a bigger workload ros. Do you guys buy that? Adams looked great but there are concerns with him sharing a lot of targets and with Rodgers knee. What do you guys think?

If you can find someone dumb enough to give you Adams for Ajayi, I would do that pretty quickly.

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News as of late is that ajayi will be a “workhorse” in philly. Adams’ qb may be struggling with an injury, and ajayi is coming off a week as the rb4. Its a plausible trade.

I don’t think so. Side getting Adams wins pretty easily

We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. Adams was a WR1 with Brett Hundley last year. His value goes up even more in a standard format.

Ajayi had 1 good game and plays in a system that is a disgusting RBBC. Regardless of what the coach says, here’s what I know, Peterson’s offense has never used a lead back. And game 1 showed it. Even if Ajayi wins the job, he’s not going to be a “work horse”. That term is tossed around too easily considering how few work horses there actually are in the league. Peterson can just as easily change his mind next week and decide Clement is the better goal line guy like he did last year. Here’s what I do know. Adams is the WR1 in an Aaron rodgers led offense. The most productive and consistent fantasy QB for basically the last decade and has produced at least a WR1 if not 2 every single season he has been healthy. I’ll take proven history over coach speak any day of the week.

If I’m wrong about it later, then so be it. But I can only make decisions based on information available at this time. Yeah, Ajayi is coming off a week as RB4 cause he scored 2 TDs against a defense who lost both their starting LB and starting safety. I don’t expect him to score 2 TDs every week on 15 carries and playing less than 40% of the snaps. If you think that is sustainable, by all means keep Ajayi.

I’m just say if it were me, and I got an offer for Ajayi for Adams, you wouldn’t even get a response.