Ajayi for Devonta Freeman? Michel for Bell?

Two different trade offers, my Michel for his Bell or my Ajayi for his Freeman. What do you think? I could try and swing a WR in the trade like Evans instead of Michel for Bell. I have Green, Josh Gordon, and M Thomas at WR. Gurley, Michel, Conner, k Johnson, Cohen at RB.

Standard League 10-man

I would do both of them in a heartbeat.

I’d prioritize getting Bell so you can lock down the Steelers backfield ROS. And then you can do the Freeman one to possibly make up for losing Michel or better, and you can deal some of your others to get yourself Mike Evans or other top WR and become an even more complete juggernaut.

*assuming we’re talking about D. Freeman

To be fair, I have seen Bell going for a lot less than Michel elsewhere, but if you can get it and it’s all set, I wouldn’t even trifle with it and would just accept so you can have the luxury of not guessing whether it’s going to be Bell or Conner ROS. As the Conner owner, you also naturally would be expected to pay a slight premium on Bell, so that justifies giving up Michel to me without a doubt.

Yea if they are both in your inbox I’d go ahead click accept for both! (Devonta freeman not Royce)

Sorry should’ve specified, I do have Mike Evans already. My WRs are Thomas, Green, Josh Gordon, and Evans.

Wow, Bell for less than Michel?! Insane! Bell owner wants Ingram from me and will not deal for anything less…

I have James conner and I was thinking about trading him to the bell owner for Michel… I’m hesitant to trade conner just in case hell decides to come back and say he’s injured

He won’t do that more than likely. It would hurt his value. He could however use the two week exemption and not actually play until week 10 in order to get his 6 games.

Is Ingram more valuable than Michel right now? I think its atleast comparable.