Ajayi for Thomas

Ive been offered Ajayi for Michael Thomas
My WR: Parker, Crabtree, Dez Bryant, Lee, Sanu
RB: Aaron Jones, Morris, Abdullah, Gordon, Ajayi.

I would be getting Thomas in the trade. should I target another RB or WR?

Man I would be worried about Thomas if I were you. Brees hasn’t been as hot as we expected and if he does have a good game he spreads it around and has a lot of targets. Plus, Thomas has a lingering injury too. I’d be going for another player at either position and using Ajayi. You could pair Ajayi with another player and grab you a higher end guy and then have an open spot to grab a guy with a juicy matchup for the week.

Bump for more input

I think this is a fine trade. Michael Thomas doninates the targets on that team, he doesn’t look to be an issue whatsoever.

What about Thomas and Powell for Ajayi and Lee? Does this seem fair?

or am I better of having a RB dominated team with Aaron Jones, Gordon and Ajayi?