Ajayi Health

Just wanna get the Opinions of others on his health this year and next?

I know no one can predict injuries but Ajayi worries me. it seems each week he is questionable or sits out practice riding a bike. I know he fell in the 2015 draft due to knee concerns.

How concerned are you with ajayi this year and next?

The problem i have is i have ajayi and gurley in a keeper league(also had DJ :frowning: but we know how that worked out)

Gurley is on his last year contact. So he will get put back in the draft so i am fine trading him this year as im not losing value next year.

But Ajayi can be kept for $9 next year($200 auction draft budget). So he is great value but if i don’t think he will make it to next year i might try to deal him away.

So its only week 2 and only 1 week of Ajayi But im alittle concerned. How does everyone else feel on his health?

I am an Ajayi owner, and I am thinking of shipping him off. With past knee concerns and no bye week this season, I think it adds up to some potential issues during the latter half of the season.

What are you trying to get for ajayi


I might be able to get tyreek hill and Derek henry

Or Mccoy straight up(maybe a small piece additon from him)

My other RB - gurley, Mccaffeey, Cohen, Chris Johnson, tolbert (DJ on IR)

My other wr-OBJ, keenan, baldwin, amendola, sanu
(Corey Davis listed as Out and Corey Coleman IR)

Would you take either?

I’m have zeke McCoy, d cook, Henry, Kamara, and Henry. But I’m lacking in WRs I only have k Allen, s Diggs, Watkins, and Higgins
So I would probably want to get a wr for ajayi

We start 2 RB, 3Wr and a flex.

Thinking trading 2for 1 might be good for me.

T Hill is another WR for me and Henry might take over soon…

But ajayi is a good player and a great keeper for me.