Ajayi or A.Jones for ROS

Hey Footclan,

I’ve been offered a trade to send A.Jones for Ajayi and I can’t decide who will be better rest of season.

Love to hear your thoughts clan

I feel as much as people love the Ajayi trade, it is going to be a RBBC. Only thing I don’t like about jones is his playoff schedule but other then that I like jones more.

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Ajayi won’t get the touches that he did in Miami. Blount is going to get a lot goalline action. I believe Aaron Jones is the back with Rodgers out now and that offense being totally different. I’d say Jones. The Ajayi trade is good for the Eagles, but bad for fantasy imo. I would stay away from that backfield personally.

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I would trust Jones more. Green Bay is going to have to waste more clock time and throw the ball less since Rodgers is out and Wentz with the Eagles has a great arm and I think they will be trying to air it out more for the rest of the season. So I would rather have Jones on my team.

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Cheers for the input guys. If I was in a better position standings wise (4-4) I think I’d gamble on Ajayi for his championship run and exploiting the holes that O line will create for him but Jones is the safer floor for next few weeks I think. Maybe if i win a couple of matchups in next 2 weeks I’ll trade for him then or at least try