Ajayi or AP ROS?

Who do you guys think will perform better ROS?

Definitely Ajayi. He’s got a better offensive, and he’s in a better offensive system.

I think Ajayi will perform better ROS. How do you guys feel about trading someone like Jordan Howard to get Ajayi? Full ppr and I still have shady, fournette and AP.

Definitely aijai is best choice. The offensive line is one of the best. AP is on a team that has a bad QB and therefore a bad passing attack. Opponents will play eight men in a box against AP , Additionally, AP can not handle running the ball 37 times each game, he will burn out.

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Agree with most of that, but I think AP can handle the carries. The dude is just a workhorse. The problem is like you said everything about Arizona is worse than Philly. Worse O-Line, worse QB, etc. I think the biggest problem for AP is that once the Cardinals get behind they will be forced to pass the ball, and AP doesn’t get catches out of the backfield like other RBs.