Ajayi or Barkley? 🤔

I traded Jay Ajayi for Saquon Barkley and my trade was accepted instantly almost… did I make the right move? :thinking:

You received Barkley? Yes, pretty sure you made the right move…


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Jay Ajayi is dealing with a fractured back, and also shares a bit of time in that backfield. Saquon is a completely healthy workhorse, I can’t even fathom how this trade was accepted.


I would vote against this trade in a flash.

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This is the most absurd trade I’ve ever seen in my life.

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Yes received Barkley. Was just confused as to why they accepted the trade offer so quickly. Was wondering if I made the wrong move but was just a thought haha

Definitely, i received Saquon. I know about Ajayi and his health issues but with his return coming soon I wasn’t too sure if he or Saquon would provide bigger numbers but I was wanting Saquon… hence the trade lol

Saquon Barkley for Jay Ajayi? How so? I received Saquon and I think it’s a win

You think Ajayi is the better back?

Yes that’s why its absurd lol. Getting Barkley for Ajayi is absolutely absurd. Means your league doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing. Personally don’t even find leagues like that fun.

Or maybe the owner wanted Ajayi. Lol doesn’t need to be fun to you that’s why you aren’t in it lol it’s absurd to think you know how a whole league thinks.

Sorry, guess I hit a soft spot. Sure if he wants Ajayi, that’s cool. Just mean from a value perspective, you should get much more for barkley.

Not sure why you’re angry though. You made out like a bandit. You’re also the one who came on here asking for opinions and you got it.

It’s an incredibly lopsided trade in the favor of the person receiving barkley. If it’s comfort you were looking for, I think you got it. You 100% mdae the right move.

Not angry nor do I see how I made out like a bandit haha no soft spot hit I asked for an opinion and I got one. Wasn’t angry it just made me laugh to see negativity from footclan to assume nobody in the league knows what they’re doing based off a trade opinion lol then to say our league isint fun just because it doesn’t suit you is even funnier… :joy:
Btw the other opinions I got confirmed I made the right move no thanks to you “Jedi” lmao

I said it wasn’t fun to me. That’s my opinion, 100% entitled to it.Just like how if you find it fun, that’s totally cool too cause you’re entitled to your opinion. The fact that a trade like that goes through shows the lack of information/judgement in the league from that individual. The fact that you had to come on here to ask if you made the right move also shows you probably lack that knowledge as well. A trade like that would never happen in the leagues I’m in cause they’re much more competitive. That’s why I said I personally would not find that league fun which is a true statement as it relates to me.

Sorry that it offends you but that’s just how I see it. Feel free to ignore as you see fit.

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Dam, right paragraphs much? Lol I know what I’m doing that’s why I requested the trade. I asked because I was wondering if there was an aspect to the trade I wasn’t aware of because of how fast it was accepted. I knew I made the right move just asked for confirmation. Have fun thinking you know everything lol

I think we’re all just in shock that you were able to pull this trade off haha. You won the trade, yes. You’re not missing any info here at all – I can only rationalize this by assuming the person who traded for Ajayi must be an Eagles phanatic.

That’s what I figured :joy:

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