Ajayi to the Eagles!?

Reactions, go.

Huge upgrade to his value, regardless of whether or not he splits with Blount. God the dolphins are trash.

As an Ajayi owner who held him through the muck, I am very excited about this trade.

It has to be a better trade. He gets an upgrade in every aspect of the offense. He may have 3rd downs taken away by smallwood, but hopefully he doesn’t because he is pretty good out of the backfield with his hands.

Do you guys know who got cut from the eagles backfield

Same as this!

I dont think Ajayi gets that much of an upgrade. Will be splitting snaps and he just hasnt looked the same this year

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Maybe there trying to trade Blount for Calvin lol

What happens in the Miami backfield now, who to own Williams or Drake?

Everytime I finally give up on Ajayi I get some reason to give him some hope again. Whether that be a 100+ yard rushing game or now just being on a better team haha. I’m excited about it because the Dolphins O-line hasn’t been able to block and I think that’s part of the reason for his struggles this year, hopefully the Eagles can help with that.

I read.a report that when ajayai sits drake.is their.primary back. So i like drake between the two

I def agree. I think he is the better runner, but for some reason they like Williams even though he is awful

I read that Williams will probably be their passing downs back and Drake their early downs back. Would prefer Drake to Williams but if you’re in PPR and you can’t get Drake, think I would pick up Williams in case

Philly is where RBs’ careers go to die…
D Murray
R Matthews
L Blount

BUT ajayi hasn’t been doing very much at all in miami so he can probably only go up from here

Anybody curious to were Landry might go pats, jets, giants