AJD or Gibson @2.10 rookie draft

Sitting here with the 2.10 pick in the Dynasty Rookie draft scratching my head between long term pick AJ Dillon and Antonio Gibson in a crowded backfield full of old and injury prone players. League is PPR. Who do i take, got Vaughn in the first round. Dillon very well could be the starter in GB next season and Gibson is a talented versatile threat who can line up anywhere in Rivera’s offense.

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Gibson’s versatility is very appealing to me, feel he fits the modern game more and provides a greater PPR threat down the road.

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I am in on Gibson but the drafts have not gone my way thus far. I am out on AJ Dillion. Between the two I’d roll the dice on Gibson. Better chance to do something immediately, but can do so much more than just play RB. With WAS having all sorts of holes, they might use him like the jack of all trades player. While that does not normally work out, WAS also does not have a stacked / set depth chart which creates constant need for play makers. Gibson profiles as a big time play maker.

Depending on who else is there, you can also grab Shenault around that pick. I think he is another super high risk / reward pick. Hope any of this helps!

Jus now reading these replies unfortunately lol… I wasn’t trying to hold up the draft too long to wait for replies, but appreciate the feedback and kinda agree. But I ultimately went AJ Dillion hoping that Gibson would fall to me in the 3rd and even tried trading up, but it didn’t work out. The defending champ/commish of the league was sittin there a few picks back as a Gibson truther and snatched him up real quick. Oh well… Still confident in Dillon even if it takes till 2021 to see results.