Akers an RB depth solution?

Akers had a down week, but do we still expect him to take over duties at some point during the season, or is this a true timeshare?

Trying to bolster my RB ranks as i’m not fully confident in my RB2’s, but don’t want to break the bank getting one if i can maintain my depth.

Open to other suggestions for trade targets as well

Current team - 12 team full ppr
QB: Allen
WR: Thomas, Moore, Woods, Lazard, Miller, Deebo(IR)
RB: Drake, Hunt, Montgomery, Michel, Coleman, Robinson
TE: Cook

I would feel ok with targeting Akers because i feel like he will become the starter at some point this season. Some other RBs you could try targeting could be Chubb and Mixon as they both had down weeks but they might cost you a little more value to get one of them.

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Hmm, i’m currently the Hunt owner so i feel a leery trying to get Chubb as i feel like i would just be trying to guess who’s going to have the better week each week. Mixon is interesting but i don’t know what it would cost me or if i could afford it, Is Hunt+Lazard/Miller enough? Probably not, so that leaves me with having to choose between Woods and Moore and idk if i’m prepared to do that yet.

I brought up Akers just because Brown had a monster game so i think i could get him on the cheap, maybe Coleman/Michel or Miller straight up

What about Miles Sanders, whats his value right now? He in my wheelhouse/worth a trade offer?

Sanders is interesting he looked like he was going to be a big part of the offence before the season started, i dont think the injury is that big of a deal but the offence did not look like it was doing good. You might be able to trade for him and not have to give up much, hes good upside if that offence gets going

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Put out a feeler for Sanders, offered Montgomery and Lazard (isn’t the most savvy owner) hoping that his lack of week 1 performance and the lingering injury convince him to sell low.

Still heavily debating put an offer out for Akers with the hope that he takes over mid-season, it’s just hard to gauge when brown looked like such a better runner