Akers Dynasty Trade Value

With the recent news, there is the possibility to buy low on Akers. What would you consider offering for Akers in a hopeful bounce back in Dynasty? I am considering offering Mike Davis or James Conner. My current RB room is Aaron Jones, Najee, Carson, Coleman, Davis. Any input is appreciated.

This really depends on what the Akers’ owner’s team looks like and how desparate they are to fill his spot.

Honestly, if the Akers owner really likes him, you most likely wont be able to get him. He is a young up and coming RB on a pretty good offense.

Even with this injury, Akers will still cost some capital because of his long term appeal.

For context, he already offered Akers for Mike Davis, but I like Davis’ upside for this year but not sure there is a lot of dynasty value. I am fearful that Akers never lives up to the potential so I am trading away a years output to keep Akers on IR and hope for the upside. Overall just looking to see where his dynasty value is within the community. Thanks for the response!

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I got ya.

It makes sense. However, I see Davis as more of a 1 year rental before ATL upgrades the backfield or at the very least turns it into a timeshare in 2022. Plus, Davis is already 28, although he doesnt have the wear & tear.

Jones, Harris, and Carson (imho, another 1 year rental) is a good core group. Plus mix in Conner, who I believe will be a good RB3/Flex option all year. You can afford Akers on the IR.

Overall, this is a decision you will have to think about.