Alex Collin Situation

Hi All,

Wondering what all of your takes are on the Alex Collins situation, and how it’s going to play out for him in the NFL.

I have him in 2 Dynasty Leagues, and trying to figure out what to do here.

Do you think he’ll play again?

Do any of you know of a similar situation that has worked out in the players favour?

I think he’ll play again. From what I’ve read, he’s facing three charges:

  3. HANGUN IN VEHICLE — Misdemeanor

While these charges don’t look good, they definitely aren’t the worst charges that players have overcome and continued their careers. Look at the most recent one, Kareem Hunt. There was VIDEO of him assaulting that girl and he got an 8 game suspension. Yes it’s a felony to possess Marijuana with the intent to distribute, but that’s nowhere near as bad as physically assaulting someone on video. I don’t see any reason to dump Collins unless you really need the roster space, but I can’t imagine anyone on waivers who has more upside than him. I’d just keep him at the end of your bench until official word comes out about his punishment (if any) and whether or not he signs with a new team.

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Awesome, thanks for the input @getmadboy :ok_hand:

Gonna hold and see what happens!

I think he’s done being relevant. While the charges aren’t the worst, he was already a middling talent that no team put serious draft or salary capital into. Even without the charges his fantasy relevance was in question. Add this in and why would teams take a chance on him?

I sold him for a third rounder and felt fortunate to get that.

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Altough i agree with dan! I have him on my roster and not cutting him only if there is a clear cut better player. Its not going to happen to me that i drop him some happy camper picks him and he is a stud. Some story with devante parker.


I have him in multiple dynasty leagues from super late round draft picks, and I’ve been trying to use him to move the needle on trades, maybe you could trade up a few spots in the rookie draft with him

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I honestly don’t have much hope for him. I think you can cut him without too many worries. I loved him in 2017 season but I just don’t know that he gets that kind of opportunity to be featured again.

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@Mr_Wind-up_Bird think I’ma keep him on to see what’s up, but agree that it’s going to be an uphill battle for him. Hopefully things work out for my sake haha.

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