Alex Collins + Amari for Le'Veon too much?

I am curious if I should be trading for Le’Veon or trading away Conner…what is the better value. James Conner for Jay Ajayi. Or I’m considering what to offer for Le’Veon Bell…Would Alex Collins be too short on value? Should I offer Alex Collins + Amari Cooper or is that too much you think? It seems in a way it would be worth it as I’d then have Steelers RB locked up with Kamara on my team aswell. Problem being say Kamara goes down my team significantly takes a hit depth wise. Full point PPR btw.

RBs :


If you can get Bell for Collins and Amari I would make that trade everyday, especially if you Kamara and Conner on your team. Your team doesn’t look like it is going to be starting Collins or Cooper very often anyways

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Thats kind of what I was thinking.

We reached the day where this question is asked and it is only week 2 :confused:

If you can get Bell for that, do it immediately.

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well in reality with him missing 2 weeks it kind of makes it likely he will hold out quite awhile. If he didn’t plan on doing so I think he would not sacrifice any of his 855k game checks personally. Not to mention all of the teammate drama coming out.

Collins and Cooper for Bell, is a joke. If you can swing it, take it and run. With your roster, if you told me Bell wasn’t coming back till week 10 was 100% guaranteed, I would still take that trade. Your team is stacked and you’re going to make playoffs barring injury. And honestly, your seeding won’t matter much when you’re at full strength. Play for the win.

Also you got AJones coming back. After watching Williams run, I am pretty confident that Jones will get a shot at the job assuming his pass pro has improved. Williams looks like he’s running with cement cleats.

I don’t think Collins + Cooper for Bell is enough tbh, but if you could swing that then that’s a no brainer to take it.

Worse case scenario he shows up at the last possible minute he can which would have him playing week 11. If your team looks good for making the playoffs then having Bell on your roster with Kamara in the playoffs is a absolute monster to deal with. The thing with Bell is you have to think right now is he available for trade once he comes back nobody is trading him. He might come back next week no one really knows so I think if you’re going to trade for him it’s best to do it as soon as possible.

If you can get Bell for Collins and Cooper accept that and run before the bell owner rescinds. Also I wouldn’t trade conner for ajayi.