Alex collins and locket for sony michel?

I would be getting michel

Accept as fast as you possibly can.

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I offered and he’s thinking it over i want to sell them both high because idk about ROS output from them but collins usage was promising last week

lockett seems like fools gold at this point with baldwin back and his touchdown production that will surely come down

Absolutely - you will this in a landslide IMO.

also not sure if should offer hyde instead of collins if he counters not sure if that would better him or me

If it takes that, offer it. Hyde and Collins are nearly the same candidate.

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I like Hyde more than Collins but Michel is a huge upgrade over both

definitely in the position to go with either one he likes better, given collins last game compared to hydes i felt collins was the easier sell especially in a league where people are hung up on recency bias and big names. My league mates are dumb is what I’m saying lol

If he makes either of those trades, yes, you’re right, he’s fantasy dumb.

this guy has a pretty laughable trade history this year including tom brady for dion lewis, and lamar miller for alshon jeffery I’m looking to get in on this