Alex Collins for Landry

My current RB Crop is

Gordon, Clement, Powell, Fournette, Thompson, Collins

WR Crop is Hopkins, Golladay, Kearse

But Corey Davis and Callaway are both on waivers right now

Do I trade for Landry?

Collins and Landry are both underperforming like crazy; but, at least, Landry has proven himself capable and is getting decent volume. Plus, with your RB depth you should be safe; so, yes, do it

Yes make that move, Landry’s upcoming schedule is ridiculously favorable and he could get you a better RB than Collins if he puts some nice weeks together.

You would still have a nice mix of RB2/FlexRBs to pair with Gordon until Fournette gets healthy.

100% get Landry for Collins

Thanks everyone for the advice - my further question is Landry has the same bye week as Hopkins - won’t thjs be a problem?

Also Callaway is on waivers getting 8+ targets a game

Watch callaway play the dude cannot run routes and drops 7/8 targets I personally wouldnt add him. He is corey coleman and that should sum it up.

Wk8 will be harsh but with Golladay and Kearse and a possible waiver wire add you’ll be able to get through it.

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Interesting - how do you rate Powell, Thompson, Clement?

Thompson (obviously he needs to be healthy), Clement, Powell but Clement powell could flip flop depending on match up and the health of Crowell and Smallwood.

This is my issue, at least Collins will be the lead back but all the others are in a timeshare (I get even Collins is too but to a lesser extent) - trying to maximise trade value here

Standard or PPR?

In PPR format Landry >>>>>> Collins… it’s not even close. If Landry owner is moving him take advantage; don’t worry about the Hopkins bye week either. There’s always a guy on waivers you can plug in if you need.

PS. Callaway is an exciting athlete, but he’s raw and with a rookie QB in Mayfield, I’d rather have the veteran in Landry who should eat up targets going forward.

I do like Davis, but his success is tied to the health of Mariota and THAT’S a scary prospect.

Collins has yet to see 50% of the snaps while Clement and Powell are on the field more than he is thus more opportunity hence why I like them better plus they get targets in the pass game.

I was assuming your league is either .5 ppr or full ppr hence why I say just take Landry and run.

Higgins and Ratley are preferable to Callaway in that browns offense, imo.


I think people are jumping ship on Callaway a bit prematurely. He’s by far their most talented outside receiver in terms of athletic ability, and they’re still committed to including him heavily with the target share. If it clicks, he could be a great bye - week, spot start asset, while Higgins and Ratley have much lower ceilings.

Yes this is .5 ppr and maybe I am leaning towards the Landry pick but RBs are rare and that’s what concerns me given the risk I have attached to Fournette (I traded him for Lynch)

But both of you sound very knowledge and I’ll try to made the trade!

Yea I feel ya, but you know Fournette is coming back as they have had he luxury of sitting him thanks to Yeldon. So you should be ok RB wise without Collins until he gets back.

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What to do with Fournette now? Lynch is on IR now so my trade was ok but this guy is still injured xD