Alex Collins or Aaron Jones?

I can’t decide who to flex.

Also Roethlisberger or Winston they’re going to be close this week.

tough one, probably Collins just because I feel like Greenbay will need to play catch up. But both usage is so low, I guess you can’t go wrong with either. And then I’d go with Big Ben, for me, it’s hard to sit stars even though the other is on a streak.

Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. My opponent has Brown too, so I feel like if I don’t play Ben and he does really well with brown it’s like a double burn.

oh yeah that’s for sure, my strategy is, if I’m playing an opponent with a star receiver, I try to get the qb that throws it to him. That way if my opponent’s receiver goes off, at least I can mitigate it with that qb.

Thanks, and I’ll start Collins I’m thinking… although so far my week is going down hill so if the trend continues i’ll keep making all the wrong decisions. :persevere:

I took my own advice to heart and am paying for it, dearly. Sat Trubi and started Brees and because of that I lost my matchup. I’m sooo mad. That Thielen fumble was all it took for Brees to produce a dud. And Brees should’ve had two TD as it seemed as though that Kamara pass and catch was a TD after they showed the replay.

Edelman can only score 3 more points or I lose the matchup. I started Collins and Burton and left Kirk, jones, and yeldon on the bench they all outscored my flex. Bad decisions this week.

Aaron Jones for me personally.