Alex Collins or Adrian Peterson ROS?

Half PPR league. What are your thoughts?

collins all the way and don’t look back.

Ap imo. Woodheads about to come back completely healthy so he’s gonna take a decent amount of touches away. Peterson’s a lock for 15+ touches the rest of the year

I hope so. I got AP and woodhead on IR lol

Gotta agree with you here. Volume is king, and ap is gonna get more touches with some ravens rbs coming back.

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I think the Irish Dancer as Romo calls him is going to be the better back. Youth, great yards per carry and it looks like the Ravens finally have their first decent back since that magical year from Justin Forsette.

The Ravens have always wanted to pound the rock but couldn’t do it with regularity with West or whoever else. Buck and/or Woodhead will get passing down work but I wouldn’t think much else if Collins keeps producing anywhere near his ridiculous 5.975 yards per carry.

Having said that AP is coming off a bye against a really crappy 49ers D so fresh legs going against a train wreck of a franchise will probably mean AP has the better week 9.

Going forward for AP with Stanton at QB I would think Defenses will stack the box and make it tough for All Day to get decent yardage.