Alex Collins or Hyde this week?

Hyde is probably the safer bet for at least double digit pts, but Collins prob set for greater chance of big game. But with Collins production/touches dropping off last week just not sure.

I love Collins this week, but I don’t know if I can get him in my lineup over Kamara, Ingram or Lewis. I used him last week and it was a dud, but this is a good matchup and I wouldn’t worry too much about last week’s performance. For me, it’s going to come down to Lewis or Collins and I’m trying to read the tea leaves in New England to help make my decision.

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Yeah kinda thinking Collins myself. He’d be the “for sure” one between the two if it hadn’t been for last week’s production making me a little nervous. AND…Hyde vs Jax also has me a little “iffy”. Thanks a mil for your feedback buddy!!!

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run from hyde…he does not do well against tough teams

Good point @anton_rock.