Alex Collins or Royce Freeman

I find myself picking between these two a lot in mocks. Thoughts from the crowd?

Talent seems to be heavily in Freeman’s corner, but Collins feels a lot more secure.

Not a huge fan of either. I would say it depends on the rest of your team. If you have another established RB, I’d be willing to take a shot on freeman. If you lack a vet, then probably safer with Collins. I don’t believe in the talent of Collins at all though. Watching him run is like… watching paint dry.

Freeman is more of a wait a couple weeks and I think he will be good.

Collins is a plug and play back that should be solid.

So if you went RB RB… Take the flyer on Freeman… If you went WR WR go Collins

I’d go with the unknown in Freeman. I think we saw the best of Collins last year and Ravens will stink this year

Freeman, easily.

It really depends on your roster construction. If I go zero WR I’m probably taking Collins in the third.

There are no circumstances (aside from injury, i suppose) under which I would take Collins over Freeman. I don’t think they’re close.

Agree here. I’m not a fan of taking a lot of rookies, so if I draft Barkley or someone less proven, I’m going with Collins, if I don’t have a better option. But if I draft a solid RB early I’d probably take the potential upside of Freeman if he overtakes the lead back role. However there are rookies going later that i like more because of draft price.

That being said, seeing Buck Allen and Kenneth Dixon run in the last preseason game worries me about taking Collins for any reason. And if you noticed, Buck Allen has now worked his way into the lower regions of the tiered cheat sheets in the UDK, where he wasn’t there before. Beware, the Baltimore backfield could end up being a mess… just like it has been the past several years.

I think it would depend on your team make up. Freeman is definitely the sexier option but his role as the starter isn’t guaranteed yet and he is unproven, if you went with less risky players in the first few rounds I would take a chance on him but if you went WR heavy or with and RB1 like McKinnon I would take the safer player in Collins.

I think i lean more Freeman. Like what was previously mentioned…buck allen worries me a bit. i remember last season he was stealing some goal line work. if he plays more this year…that would vulture more from collins

I think it’s Freeman going away. He will win the starting job week 1 I think and never look back. Plus he is a 3 down back that is 230lbs so he won’t lose goal line carries either I don’t think. I like Collins, but you know exactly what he brings at his best and that was last year. Freeman can easily be the 2nd best rookie fantasy wise behind Barkley.