Alex Collins Situation

Hi All,

Wondering what all of your takes are on the Alex Collins situation.

I have him in 2 Dynasty Leagues, and trying to figure out what to do.

Do you think he’ll play again? Has there been any situation similar to this that has worked out in the players favour?

There’s a good chance he’ll play again (young relatively good RBs are always in demand) but if he is picked up by a team, he’ll probably be suspended for several games. How many will likely depend on the final charge/sentence. There will be a plea bargain and I bet the ‘distribute’ charge will go away.

Alex collins from my perspective, never had any talent. Players like that who show flashes for one season based on situation and lack of resources typically fizzle out. Especially with the influx of RB talent coming next year, I don’t think he’s worth much if anything at all. You’d be lucky to get a 2020 3rd for him.

I think it’s time to let him go if you can pick up anyone even somewhat valuable who’s currently on an NFL roster