Alex or issues

Alex Smith with a great match up & windy weather

Dak Prescott with a hard match up?

Tough choice. I’d lean Alex Smith here. Dak is without his left tackle again and could get pummeled.

Alex even with some weather issues

Yeah. Even with the weather. His game isn’t the deep ball. He can do well with swing passes to hunt, screens to Hill, and short routes to Kelce. Dak can potentially get a rushing TD again, but counting on that to balance his points is a risk.

Yeah, that’s where I’m at. But 20mph winds, dang!!!

Yeah, the wind is nasty. It’s obvious a gamble either way. I’m just letting you know where I would place my faith. I don’t know that there is an obvious right or wrong here. To me, the wind is less predictable than how bad the Left tackle play in Dallas will be. lol