Alex Smith or Marcus Mariota this week?

Alex Smith lost my match last week. Should I give him another shot or Start Mariota this week vs Colts?

I’d go Smith. At home against a bad Bills defense.

Mariota is on the road against an improving Colts defense.

EDIT: Also, the Chiefs have to snap out of it at some point and go back to what was working at the beginning, right?

Thanks …You are telling me what I want to hear…

I’d go Mariota. Smith and the Chiefs have just been in a downward spiral without time to recover as the bye week didn’t seem to help. I think the Bills Defense is coming back with a vengeance this week to prove that they are still decent.

These are my two QBs as well, I think I am going to Mariota. Hard to trust Smith right now.

I have both these guys on my roster but ended up choosing Dalton. I’m not excited about the Smith play. But the Bills have been getting blown out. Obviously they won’t turn it over as much but they always give good field position to the opposing QB. @tlp27 reminded me earlier of the improving Colts def. I looked quickly at their numbers throughout the season and didn’t consider what they’ve done lately.

Side note: I beleive MM had 330 against the Colts in their last meeting. Something to think about.

Yeah he had 306 and that was also when he was still dealing with his injury not playing the game before so a healthier Mariota should bring more upside with the rushing yards and potential 6pt rushing TDs if you’re in a 4pt passing TD league.