Alex Smith or Patrick Mahomes

I currently have Matthew Stafford. Who do you feel is the better option to pick up and start over Stafford this week?

Alex Smith is going to be solid, but I’m staying in the flames with Mahomes… dude has a CANNON

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It’s Smith against the Colts at home, no? That’s an easy pick.

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It really depends…
Will Washington win? Probably. Buy a large margin? Probably.
What does that do for a game script? I see a lot of yards on the ground in the second half, Smith will have good numbers, but will more than likely be boiler plate.

Mahomes on the other hand uses his legs more than Smith and like I said, dude has a CANNON with the fastest receiver in the NFL.

If a guy wants a solid floor with maybe a small shot of blowing up, go Smith. If your looking for a good floor with a shoot for the moon mentality, go Mahomes.

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Alright, you sold me. Phil, you have a great point and I love the matchup as well. But I made way too many “safe” moves last year. I’m shooting for the moon here and going with Mahomes. Hoping he turns out to be the better long term option as well.


For both our sakes… I hope he goes off lol

I had the same issue with stafford, I’m staying in the flames and grabbed Mahomes

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