Alex Smith or Tom Brady trade

I’m hoping to cook up a trade with a 1-3 guy, I’m now 4-0. I’m looking to trade off one of my QBs for an upgrade. He sent me a garbage offer, with half of his bench for Brady, but I want to upgrade. What do you guys think? What would be reasonable?




  1. Alex Smith + someone FOR Brandin Cooks for the Brady + Cooks stack.
  2. Brady + someone FOR AB
  3. Alex Smith for a low end WR or RB (just get some value, he was a free waiver pickup)
  4. Door #4 that I don’t see???

this is a 12 man .5 PPR leage.

EDIT: I sent him this message for trade offer one

Alex Smith + Kamara for Brandin Cooks

Alex Smith quietly is the #2 QB right now in football. He can run, plus, so many weapons with Hunt, Kelce, Hill.

Kamara trending up real hard. AP is gone in this NO offense and he’s basically Darren Sproles now with 15 touches just last week.

Cooks could be a great stack that I’d like. I have trouble letting go of Brady without a RB1 or WR1. We can try a Brady + someone for AB if you want.

I think I might try Smith for Benjamin (who has a favorable 2nd half and playoff schedule) so you don’t lose any RB depth. Cooks would better upgrade your WR’s, but it looks like your RB’s are a little shaky. You might need a Kamara down the stretch.

Hmm…interesting take. I agree RB is tough for me. I always viewed Benjamin as the constantly getting injured underachiever. I can try that.

The trade you proposed is fair, (Smith & Kamara for Cooks), I just think it would leave you awfully thin at RB. I don’t love Benjamin either, for the same reasons as you, but I like Kamara.

I probably wouldn’t trade Kamar unless I could package him and get AB. Maybe Brady, Kamara for AB. Or Brady and DeMarco for AB.

Yup, I’m high on Kamara too love his role in the offense. Waiting to hear back from the guy - the silence is defeaning. Only official trade sent was Alex Smith for Kelvin Benjamin - I like the depth it offers for my flex.