Alex Smith Trade Help

Smith is a top 2 QB right now, and is the top fantasy player in my league because of our ridiculous rules. I am targetting him because my QB situation is garbage.

Want to put together a package deal for Smith and Jordy. He’s asking for Freeman and Jones. Need some fresh eyes on this. What do you think are some good options here?

Can you post his team roster?

Great idea, thanks. I’m just showing Offensive players because I’m solid on D and don’t want to trade those players.

Just a bump

I feel like because Smith is over inflated by your league rules you are paying too much with giving up freeman.

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I agree with Madjesse
Just cause Alex Smith is the best doesn’t mean you should invest so heavily into one position (I know you’re trying to get Jordy too) I personally wouldn’t trade for Alex Smith because I feel like he’s going to regress.

Thanks Madjesse and eddie, I think you are right. Freeman for Smith just sounds insane in any other context. Jordy would be a nice addition, but no way I can let Freeman and Jones go for that.

Much appreciated.