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Alex smith waiver wire pick up? who to drop?


I put in a claim to pick up alex smith as a back up QB (dak is my primary). Who from my bench should i drop to pick him up? Or should i not and just stream a QB during Dak’s bye
(standard scoring)

Robert woods
jamaal williams
james connor
Latavius murray

starting lineup
alshon jeffrey
kelvin benjamin
lamar miller
k. rudolph
john brown/lacey (flex)


hmm 5 man bench… my guess is there is someone more valuable as a backup out there for you to pickup if anything. smith will probably still be there, and your bench could use some work.


Probably Robert Woods or Williams.


my full bench is
latavius murray
k stills
robert woods
jamaal williams

should i pick up jacquizz rodgers, smallwood or d’onta foreman instead? and if so same question, who should they replace?


i was initially thinking williams too. now i’m wondering whether my bench would be better off by picking up jacquizz, smallwood, or donte foreman instead.



well that bench i quite a bit better now. as for who, i think you will be ok without woods or stills. any one of those RBs you mentioned are worthy of a pickup, but only one is your handcuff. i think i go foreman.


Well I can all but guarantee this was Alex Smith’s best game of the season. Jacquizz will be an instant contributor for 3 games, definitely flex worthy til Martin gets back. I’m holding Smallwood on my bench in a 12 team right now to see what happens, so he’s more of a long-term project. Same with Foreman. I’d personally go with any of those 3 over Smith.