Alf & Cooper OR Howard & Robby Anderson?

Title says it all. Another owner in my league has inquired about both Alfred Morris and Amari Cooper. Thinking of offering him both Alf & Cooper for his Jordan Howard and Robby Anderson. Thoughts?

My Roster:
QB: Matthew Stafford
WR: Michael Thomas
WR: Adam Thielen
RB: Saquon Barkley
RB: Royce Freeman
FLEX: Amari Cooper
TE: Delanie Walker
BN: Jamaal Williams
BN: Marvin Jones
BN: Alfred Morris
BN: Chris Thompson
BN: Corey Clement
BN: Keelan Cole

Side note: The other owner is also a footclan listener and may end up seeing this post lol

I would make the deal if I were you. Looks to be upgrading your RBs while downgrading your WRs. Based on your roster I like your receivers and you have Jones on the bench for depth, plus Cole looks like the #1 in Jax and I am high on him. Essentially you’d be plugging Howard into your flex for Amari which I’d love personally.


Thanks for the feedback! I tend to agree with you on all fronts. Now to float the offer to my leaguemate and see if he bites. Thanks again!

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I’d do it for sure.