Alf Morris or Dougy Fresh?

Alf or Martin this week? Standard scoring

Morris but don’t expect him to ball out

I’m not expecting much from either guy. Leaning Alf as well

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I’ve been talking a lot on here about Rod Smith-check him out if ya can!

Someone has him unfortunately. I️ grabbed Morris 4 weeks ago. Hope it works out!

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Was this a week 11 discussion? if not… What are the thoughts for week 11? I have the same dilema

I am willing to bet a lot that martin outperforms morris this week. Look at the matchups.

I dumped Morris for Dion Lewis. I think the Cowboys will be behind early in this game, plus Philly has a great D. I think Morris will be game scripted out, similar to last week against ATL

Granted, Martin sucks