Alfred Morris or Darren McFadden?

Who’s the best fantasy option with Zeke out???

I would go with DMC

Gillie got dropped, i have both, who should i drop?

Who else is on your bench? I feel like having both dmc and morris has so much more value than just owning one of them. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t pick up gilly if t meant i have to drop one of them.

Im honestly STACKED zeke,monty,mixon,dak,alfred,mcfadd

flexs are pryor and tyreek

you might wana drop morris then and pick up gillie. If it turns out that it was morris that will be the premier back - who cares, it’s not like he’ll produce as well as zeke, PLUS you have zeke!

Eh, you could probably drop Mixon

no way mixon has way too much value to be dropped. i find out tonight if i get him the only two im dropping would be mcfadden or morris and hope that nobody picks him up but i also tilting towards a committee morris 1,2 mcfadden 3,4 but gillie IS a rb2/3 with rb1 upside,

If your ever considering dropping a player ask yourself this question… would someone else pick him up? if yes dont do it unless necessary i think