All Canadian Dynasty League - few spots left

Hey guys! Looking for a few more owners for an all up north Footclan dynasty league - I know I’m not the only Footclan member from the land of snow and maple syrup.

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email sent in pm

I would like to get in on this.

Let me know if there is any space left.


Just wondering what the landscape is like for fantasy football in the CFL. Is there an active community or do most FF players focus on the NFL?

I’d say most everyone I know plays NFL fantasy mostly because more teams & players. But there’s definitely a small community who plays CFL fantasy… I don’t get why but those people exist :joy:

I lived in Canada for a year and got a little interested in the CFL. Fantasy sports can be applied to almost anything so I’m not surprised there are CFL fantasy leagues.

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Most people here are way more focused on NHL fantasy and then NFL probably is second. I also find the CFL game tougher to watch then NFL but that’s just me.

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CFL fantasy is more and more populare. They talk about it on TSN haha. But I dont know a person who plays it.

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Interested. From B.C (Kelowna)… ben doing dynasty for several years but this is a first potential one on the “Clan” site. Let me know if you have room… thanks for the opportunity.

Email from above post…

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Hey I am interested in joining in on dynasty fantasy football. Started fantasy 5 years ago with a bunch of buddies from school. Won the championship once and in the finals 2 other times. From Saskatchewan and would definitely would be interested in joining a Canadian dynasty fantasy football league! Email if still room

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Might want to keep “Clan site” out of your vocab… lol

Haha… probably right!!

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I would be interested (Alberta). Sent a pm with my email address.

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any spots left?

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There’s enough interest here I think I’m gonna start a second one!

I would also be interested if there are spaces available.

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Hey guys!
Currently living in the Caribbean, but potentially moving to Toronto before the next season. Does that count? I’d love to join!


Hey man, I’m interested. I’m from calgary Alberta. Although I’m new to dynasty,I’ve been playing different formats in fantasy football for the last 10 years. My email is at thanks sam

Another Calgarian here. I’d be interested to learn more too.