All hope lost for Ty Montgomery?

Ty Montgomery went from being a RB1 to a non startable player. I know his past two weeks awful fantasy production is mostly caused by his Injury but with A Jones playing the way he is, is there any hope of a Montgomery comeback, or is all hope lost with this player after this weeks 4 carries for 6 yards and one catch.

Was hoping that he’d be a safety valve for Hundley and get his points that way. Will have to see what happens in week 9.


Yeah but from what I saw he was barely on the field. Hopefully its them being safe and holding him back a bit until he’s fully healed.


my guess. Might move on Aaron Jones as primary back and move Monty back into a WR role. just my guess.


Hopefully not because they have to many WR weapons.


It’s a wrap for Ty brotha…I have him and Aaron Jones…it’s apparent he’s the better RB…Ty still a WR trying to learn RB. Jones was in for a reason and has nothing to do with Ty’s ribs…he’s the RB moving forward barring injury.


I’ve been worried about Ty as well… I had both him and Arron Jones, but after Thursday with Amari Cooper going off on a league mates bench I shot the Cooper owner an offer knowing he was frustrated with owning the player … Montgomery for Cooper straight up… He took the trade …

So I flipped Ty for Cooper and I still have Aaron Jones lol… I feel acomplished lol


Thats so clutch! haha. You pulled it off at the perfect time. props brotha.

At this point with ty i’m even considering moving him for rob kelley. Even with a Jones injury I dont think montgomery is going to have success in the system they’re they have to run without rodgers. Could be wrong but if I am it would take an injury and huge improvement from Hundley… and it probably wouldnt be until 4 weeks from now minimum until you could play montgomery with any convidence, just taking up roster space through some of the most important games of the season