All in on Broncos ROS?

Does anybody else think that the matchups the broncos have weeks 14-16 make the key players (Sanders, Sutton, Keenum, Lindsay, DST) all must starts?

I have Lindsay (royce handcuffed), Sutton and Broncos D.

Lindsay is obviously a must start.
I am playing their d next two weeks (Bears vs Rams, ewww, GB probably not)
Do you see Sutton as a start over Kenny G this week?

I was hoping to make this for all bronco player owners so comments and analysis on all are welcome

What are your other options for receivers?

I have Sanders and Lindsey. Lindsey is a must start for sure. Sanders is definitely not. He does well until he’s hit really hard. Those games are where you see him putting up single digit performances. Sutton just started producing so I cant say much about him.

Woods is locked in.
Golladay, Sutton, and i just picked up fitzgerald this AM, with kirk out i figure he gets some more upside, but certainly not worth playing yet. Then MVS, who i am pretty much done with.
I had AJ, but unfortunetely that didn’t work out as well as hoped

If you were going with a receiver in your flex, I would go Golladay over Sutton. I don’t like the boom or bust receivers, and that’s what Sutton is. I do think Sanders is a nice WR2 and you can start him, I just do not know about Keenum. I traded Sanders from my team because I did not trust Keenum at all.

I don’t own Sanders, the posistion i am looking to fill is my wr2, between golladay and sutton.
I was commenting that the broncos ROS schedule is favourable and looking to help all owners with this thread.
But regardless the sentiment is Golladay over Sutton it seems

Sanders tore his ACL! what now

maybe not anymore. Sanders could be outski

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So no on the broncos ? A lot of injuries over all

Denver D/ST is the best for this playoffs in my opinion.
Lindsay is a must start, sanders missing will probably give lindsay more targets.
Sutton gets a bump of course, because the other receivers are hamilton and patrick. But i fear he might get shut down because hes the only good WR in the team right now and teams know that.

True. He is in the same situation as Golladay at this point as “the guy”. Looking at the matchups i gotta like a 30th overall 49ers attack to go against rather than Patrick Peterson though.