All input is appreciated (WR, Flex dilemma) :)

I am currently 8-1 in a 12-man full ppr league.

I have a pool of players to choose from to fill my flex and wr2 spots. I will list the pool, give my reasoning for each player, and you guys tell me what you think.

POOL: Juju, Hilton, Martin, Corey Davis, Sanders

Juju: Playing the colts is a huge plus, but I am also playing bell, and I expect brown to take a big share of the targets because of how bad the colts are. Martavis also worries me a little.

Hilton: I’m not sure what to make of the steelers defense but it looks great on paper. Hilton’s consistency also worries me, but I think he has a decent floor this game.

Davis: This is a bit of an unknown to me. To this day I have no idea what accounts for the success of this bengals D. The titans also have a plethora of options, though I believe in the talent of Davis. I was hoping for a little more from last week though.

Martin: Everyone is down on Martin. The Jets rush defense is also better than everyone thought. I had a feeling Hilton would go off last week, and I’m sensing that in Martin this week. I think he should have a decent floor this game.

Sanders: Didn’t look amazing with Osweiller at the helm, but they are playing the patriots which is good on paper matchup-wise. Can this offense be trusted though, regardless of who is at quarterback?

Who would you guys pick to start at wr and flex, and do you have any additional insight for me and anyone in a similar situation? Thanks

I agree with martin and think he could do well. My only worry is of he is dropped as it was suggested he was at the end of the last match.

I would go with juju I think the Colts will allow more than one or two good matches and if you don’t play him now will you ever actually play Him?

In terms of flex I’d follow your gut. It’s taken to to 8-1 did not must be doing something right. So martin unless news later in the week says he’s being benched

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i believe juju and martin are a lock for me. Anyone would advise against this?