All of my WR's OUT this week, who to plug?

Thomas was just downgraded to Out (he’ll stay in the lineup till right before kickoff to see what his designation is) but i need a backup option and quite literally might have every single WR on my team Out…

Thomas (out), Deebo(IR), Lazard(Out), Alshon(questionable but hasn’t practiced all week, most likely Out), Corey Davis (Bye), Gage(Concussion protocol, could very well be Out).

I have DJ moore in as my only viable WR, so which of these options is worth the dart throw in worst-case scenario?

Greg Ward, Pascal, Aiyuk, Anthony Miller, Boykin, Bourne, Inman, Amendola?

Curtis Samuel also available but don’t want to stack 2 panthers WR’s.

wow rough luck man, Id be looking at either ward as hes going to be WR1 which is scary but pretty much in the order you listed them for me maybe miller a spot or 2 up

whoaaa deebo just declared active!

If you don’t want to start Deebo, Miller would be my favorite option because he is mostly a slot WR and Foles loves the slot. And also is it possible for Foles to be worse than Trubisky?

I would have to say miller. hes a speedster and will benifit from Foles at QB