All the RBs, not sure who to package for

In my 12 team league I’m locked and loaded at RB with Freeman, Melv Gordon, Gilly, Buck Allen and Abdullah. Hoping to package one for an elite WR/QB package.

Rest of roster
QB: Big Ben, Luck(IR)
WR: Keenan Allen, Fitzgerald, Devante Parker, Kendall Wright, Ginn
TE: Eifert, Fleener

Also have Marlon Mack who will likely get dropped this week.

Swing a stud for a stud WR or try to move Gilly or Buck for a WR2?

Gilly and Abdullah for Aj green. Go get him. The Green owner will be low on him right now. And he’s going to bounce back starting THIS week

Considered that. He’s got Zeke, Hunt, and McCaffrey. Doubt that’ll move the needle for him.

Then I’d go after baldwin. Next best WR to bounce back

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Would you consider Dez? Or avoid with that tough schedule?

I love Dez this year tbh. You can target him, he’s a WR1. Just after the
first few weeks then he’s golden

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