Allen Confidence?

Standard scoring would you play him tonight as he’s a go or start Anderson instead? I have Alshon in the other WR slot.

I’m still freaking out about keeping him in.

I know man me too, I get the start your studs but if he gets hurt again and gooses…

I don’t know if I can stomach benching him and he goes off and it potentially costs me the ship. But equally eveything is stacked against him having a massive night, single digit score is a possible outcome

Panic mode I’m almost thinking about switching to Baldwin for a safe floor.

Did I just say Baldwin for a safe floor? I’m losing my mind.

As long as he’s not just a decoy he should be at least a WR2 play, If there is a weakness to the Ravens pass D it’s the slot corner and they have to respect Mike Williams and Gordon so I’m hoping he gets a decent line.

I’m not expecting a touchdown though so realistically in standard anything around 8-10 points would be where I see him. I just can’t decide if he or Anderson have the same low floor but Anderson does have the ceiling

I’m freaking out right now too! I just called my father that played football up through college and gave him my scenario and the situation with Keenan’s hip. He said that you can play with a hip pointer but he going to have to be tough…is he tough? Im betting all the marbles that he is a tough guy and gets some love from the 12-14 targets averaged to him this season. My other option is Demarius Thomas if I bench Allen

Oh wow- great insight. Oof, guess I’m gonna ride it out.

Holy crap, Jackson threw a bomb td.

68 yard to the TE. I was just telling my cousin they’re gonna keep running because he can’t make passes.

Well at least he didn’t completely kill us but not what I expected from Rivers at all! Though given our history of stumbling in key games maybe I should have…