Allen, Digg & Collins keeper options

I need to select two. PPR 12 man.

I lose my first for Allen, i draft tenth, so I would be getting him probably right where he should go.

I lose my fifth for Diggs. Decent value he seems to be going in the third. So that’s about a second rounder here with the keepers.

I lose my tenth for Collins. Pretty solid value.

I am high on Allen and Diggs but am I crazy for not capturing Collins value? Which two would you pick and why.


I would keep Collins for sure with the 10th and then Diggs. Like you say, you may even have a chance of getting Allen at pick 10 anyways, or possibly even someone like a Hopkins or Beckham at that spot, depending how your league drafts. So no need to keep him when you still have a good chance of getting him or someone better.

Diggs for me. Robinson in the first is WAY too high, and I’m not a Collins fan. 10th round is ok, but I’d prefer to lock up someone I think is a stud.

@DFWB I think he is referring to Keenan allen buddy.

I would keep Keenan Allen and Diggs. maybe you don’t get much value but in a full PPR format, Allen’s value actually increases for me. And I’m fine with locking down 2 stud WRs. If you think for sure that Allen can make it back to you for the 10th pick, then maybe you could risk it. But I bet some of the top 10 picks being kept by others are costing them less than a 1st. I.e. Gurley, Kamara.

I’m not a big believer in Alex Collins. Can he be that RB 2 for you? Sure I guess but he also has a chance of not even securing that job. Collins in a full PPR is probably a 5th round or 6th talent. So yeah you get that 4 rounds of value but it’s later in the draft anyway.

Lol. Ok, Keenan makes a lot more sense.

Haha yeah Keenan Allen. Thanks for the input boys. I am rolling Keenan and diggs.