Allen, Diggs, Knox vs NE DST....yikes

I’ve got Allen as my QB, Diggs is my WR2- D Adams my WR1 is on a bye, and Knox is my TE. Yeah I have a few Bills but I usually play a QB stack with WR or TE. Picked up Knox after the injury and it’s been ok so far. I’ve got the NE DST too, could be a bad week. I need to win out to make the playoffs I think.

I’m thinking about playing all 4 in my line up but I’m not really sure. I could slot in the Dal DST in place of NE.? I’m just thinking this could go south and I lose the week.

Waivers run tonight any advice?

I’d play Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Dawson Knox and the Cowboys DST.


Play all of them plus the Dallas D. NE isn’t anything to scoff at even in this matchup though. It wouldn’t surprise me if they score more than people think. However, I’m sure you would be hard pressed to replace Diggs/Knoxs with players of the same caliber.

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Thanks both of you for the replies. I’m playing Allen, Diggs, and Knox. I picked up the MN DST vs DET so I may roll with them, might go Cowboys still too, and I’m still feeling like the NE DST might be ok.?

I’ll roll some dice to sort the DSTs, thanks for the replies!