Allen+Hollywood for Cam/Stafford+Julio?

Was afford either Cam/Stafford + Julio for Allen and Hollywood. My only other QB is Minshew, and i’m worried about Julio’s hamstring issue persisting all season. Hard to consider trading Allen for anyone right now the way he’s been playing.

What ya’ll think?

Thoughts anyone? Figured if I did the Cam trade I could stream Minshew for 2 weeks and have Cam ROS, and then would have Julio to pair with Davante adams as my 2 top wideouts.

Allen has been a stud so far though and Julios hammy has been concerning. Any chance he can get healthy?

Bump, time sensitive trade

What’s ur record?

Currently 2-2, Cam has Covid and Stafford is on a bye so regardless of which trade id have to start Minshew for 1-2 weeks

I’d rather keep Allen if that’s the situation

I would do it if I was desperate at WR

I’d keep Allen. Unless your going after WR without injury issues currently. Like Metcalf type level.

How bout a counter of Allen and Moore for Cam and Diggs? Adams being out has been costing me

WRS: Adams, Hollywood, Landry, Tate, Fitzgerald, Moore

RBs: Jacobs, Gurley, Henderson, Gaskin, Dobbins