Allen not playing until Tuesday, sit or start?

With the Titans/Bills game being rescheduled to Tuesday, if i keep Allen in the lineup and the game is canceled for whatever reason then every other team has already played and i’ll have most certainly lost the week.

Are we gambling that the game will actually happen despite the amount of positives that the Titans have had? I have Teddy B as a backup but not sure what to do

Wait until Sunday to make the call. We should have a better picture of the Tuesday viability by then and lucky you have your backup in place.

If Titans get hit for more positives today or tomorrow I have no clue what happens. Forfeit would ruin fantasy for all and another bye screws up scheduling.

Yeah i fortunately could afford using a roster spot on a backup and picked Teddy up yesterday just in case, but really don’t feel good that the game is going to happen. Even if it does the Titans are going to be playing with what, half a team? Is Allen going to even need to do much to win that game? I can’t imagine a high ceiling for him in that game.

I had that in the back of my mind.

Titans will have 85-90% of their team but the defense will be gassed because they can’t substitute as much. I could see Singletary carrying a heavy load in the 2nd half.

I would play Allen unless there’s any doubt. Teddy will get you passing yards but I still worry about throwing TDs. Remember last week Bridgewater had a 20-30 yd TD run that salvaged a 25+ point week.